Saturday, August 20, 2011

Amelie - she's a beautiful mess!

This purple beauty is the handiwork of Aunt Katrina.  The bright color suits Amelie perfectly. 
She and I both love it!

This is a new favorite. Can't you see why?

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Melodious!

To me these photos scream "Melodie." The lovely lady in purple. (Is purple still your favorite color?) The fabric-fun window. (All those years in Mercer's theater!) Artful photography (Savoring the beauty of a moment.)

I have been thinking about you and your birthday for weeks now. September 23 signifies years of togetherness, doesn't it? It seems celebrating you in September became part of my life-liturgy. I'm so glad.

And I'm so sorry this greeting is late. But we celebrate for DAYS, don't we? Do send me your address when you've time - I have a little happy for you.

Love to you, Lane

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